About The GETMAPP Project

Emergency-Online instruction has highlighted the need across the country for quality educational materials. GETMAPP is a project supported by Wunderbar Together USA 2020 to create a different type of platform for German teaching materials. 

This platform is meant to be usable by teachers of all levels, students with all device types, and is meant to grow and adapt to the needs of teachers. 



With everyone going online, emergency or not, accessibility is one of the keys to education today. No matter what device you use, GETMAPP allows you to display, share, and link high-quality materials without downloading. Plus, it works with most file formats and on any device!


As German Teachers go digital, we should not reproduce out of date materials in digital form. GETMAPP seeks to highlight up-to-date digital materials that portray contemporary life in the German-Speaking world. For face-to-face or online, teachers should have the best materials available.


This project is meant to adapt, morph, and grow with its users. Feedback is built into the system to allow for comments, tags, and suggestions of new content areas. With user-centered design at its core, GETMAPP will grow to meet the needs of German Teachers.

Key Players and Contributors


Senta Goertler

Editor for Undergraduate Materials


Melanie Mello


Editor for K-12 Materials




The American Association of Teachers of German is proud to host the GETMAPP Database.

         Christopher Gwin

                 Curriculum Consultant